Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

Birth Place: Long Branch, NJ

Currently living: Dirty Jersey

Years Surfing: 29

SRH Clothing, O’Neill wetsuits, Speillbinders Surf Shop, Al Merrick surf boards, Kottonmouth Kings

Favorite Break:
there’s so many to list, as long as there’s waves I’m just stoked to be surfing

Favorite Country:
the USA, of course, but South America is a great spot to go surf and enjoy life

Kottonmouth Kings, Head PE, Unwritten Law, Pennywise, Chucky Styles

Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Resevor Dogs, Elf, Basketball Diaries, New Jack City, Kelly Slater Black and White

To keep surfing hard, open a surf shop, to make the finals at the Belmar Pro, 2010.

My family, my chick, Kevin Zinger, Occy, Brad X, Johnny Richter, D-Loc, Bobby-B, Pennywise, Hawaii, and the sport of surfing itself inspires me daily.
Career Highlights: Signing with SRH in 1992, winning the Ocean Beach San Diego Invitational Surf Contest back to back years, 1st place in the Taj Mahal Surf Series, getting surf pics in Surfing, Surfer, and Transworld Surf, and those are just a few…