RISK Recreates Iconic Venice Pavilion For “Beyond The Streets”

RISK Recreates Iconic Venice Pavilion

Legendary artist RISK recently curated an installation for a must-see art exhibit in Los Angeles called Beyond The Streets.

Paying homage to L.A. and his graffiti roots, RISK resurrected one of the most iconic destinations in skateboarding history -- the Venice Pavilion (aka "Venice Pit") -- which he recreated for an installation at the show, in partnership with Adidas Skateboarding.

The iconic Venice Beach site was known as one of the original birthplaces of street-style skateboarding, while also introducing East Coast subway-style graffiti to the West Coast.

Up above is an original photo of the Venice Pit. Check out RISK’s recreation below.

RISK x Beyond The Streets

RISK's exhibit at Beyond The Streets / Credit: John Pangilinan

In the early 2000s, the Venice Pavilion was demolished and renovated, removing a piece of cultural history.

RISK created not one, but two pieces for Beyond The Streets. The other installation served as a statement against police brutality.

Inspired by Damien Hirst’s “Natural History,” the graff legend dipped an actual police car in formaldehyde and then sliced it “like bacon.” RISK says the piece calls out police for patrolling the hood like sharks.

Take a look at RISK's creation below.

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The new generation of graffiti artists are much more knowledgeable about art and politics. As art becomes more popular we have to speak to different generations. Damien Hirst once referred to the shark as the worlds greatest predator and I thought, well if you ask someone in the hood what the worlds biggest predator was they may reply the Police. They cruise the hood like a shark cruises the ocean at the top of the food chain. They have all these rats out there chumming the water and they come scoop them up. They may even supposedly mistake your marker for a gun and shoot you for tagging a wall. They are the real predators. I thought it would be great to throw a cop in a glass tank of formaldehyde but that was too easy a concept so I decided to do a police car. A car is the opposite of a living being but in the case of a police car, equally as menacing. I kept thinking back to the natural History Series by Hirst and I was drawn to a few things that stood out. Of course the pig resonated with me because well...a cop is a so called pig. so I thought slicing the car like bacon was only appropriate. I say this in jest, I have many friends that are police I don't think all cops are our enemies but I also don't believe all cops are not our enemies.....

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To see both of RISK's pieces in person, along with pieces from a wide range of respected artists, visit Beyond The Streets, which is open from now until Aug. 26th. Visit the official website for details.