The Baddest Spade Reppin’ Hotties of All-Time

Spade Reppin Hottie: Ruby Renegade

With 27 years under our belt, we've been blessed enough to work with some legendary people in the biz. But today, we're giving it up for all the Spade Reppin’ Hotties who have been down with SRH for years!

If you've followed our journey, then you know there's been some pretty hot chicks rocking the Spade. So, as we relaunch our website and take a look back, here's some SRH history, with some of the hottest girls to ever rock the SPADE!

Ruby Renegade

Ruby Renegade is a model and webcam girl legend... and a bold supporter of SRH. Not only is she a hottie, but she proudly supports the Spade with a massive tattoo on her back. If you follow us, you've seen her a million times.

Spade Reppin Hottie: Ruby Renegade

Spade Reppin Hottie: Ruby Renegade

Barbie Skunk

Barbie Skunk is a model and singer from Japan, and just like Ruby, she's #Spaded4Life with our logo in the middle of her back. She's even modeled our clothes years ago.

Spade Reppin Hottie: Barbie Skunk

Spade Reppin Hottie: Barbie Skunk

Nadia Noir

Here's Miss Nadia Noir. She's a model that has been in music videos, appeared on TV and even in National Geographic. And, as you can see, has the SRH Spade blasted on her rib cage! Nadia is definitely one of the baddest Spade Repping Hotties of all-time.

Spade Reppin Hottie: Nadia Noir

Ivy Ferguson

Hello Ivy! She’s a 13x Playboy model, who did this bad ass photoshoot for SRH at our private compound. She’s one of our faves of all time!

Spade Reppin Hottie: Ivy Ferguson

We’re looking for more Spade Repping Hotties. If you’re down with the SRH fam, submit your photos here, or tag us with #SpadeReppinHottie.