SRH Fam: Jack Murphy Reps Clean Ocean Action OPEN

Our boy Jack Murphy, a New Jersey surfing legend, has been repping SRH for years. Earlier this month, he competed in an open surf contest called Clean Ocean Action Open, which benefited a good cause: the ocean.

Here's Murph's recap:

It was the Clean Ocean Action OPEN surf contest on October 7th, 2018. The surf was pumping and the weather and vibes were like no other I've ever seen at a surf contest.

The contest also raised $12,000 bucks to keep our oceans clean. In the finals, I was able to get a few fun waves and placed second overall.

SRH was in full effect at the contest and after party and awards ceremony... look forward to next year. Keep your eyes on this event to grow.

Photos by @RobertSiliato


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