I’ve been down with the Spade since day one. I was there from the beginning. It all started in 1991, on the weed and booze infested strand of Mission Beach, San Diego. Back then it was nothing more than just a bunch of skate and surf punks wreaking havoc. SRH evolved into a bonafide promotion company producing Punk Rock shows and events. My earliest contribution to the movement was through art. I actually hand drew the first SRH flyer. I began capturing the scene through video. My footage of pro skater and SRH team rider Jason Carney would highlight the first two SRH films. Later, I picked up a 35mm film camera, long before iPhones and digital cameras, to document the culture I was a part of. I was mainly shooting skating and lifestyle. After capturing an image of 2Pac rollin’ in his Corniche, my good friend and SRH founder, Kevin Zinger saw the image. He quickly assigned me to photograph the Suburban Noize band roster. I’ve shot countless SRH bands at their homes, in studio, and on tours across the US, Europe, and Australia.

I’m tremendously proud and honored to have my photos play such a big part in the visual image of the SRH evolution over the last 25 years.