Back In the Day with RDUB: Long Beach Dub Allstars

One of the coolest events SRH ever did was to put on a boxing match. The pro skater Simon Woodstock who dressed as a clown in all his videos had gotten into boxing. At a Vegas trade show, he was supposed to fight Shaun Palmer the pro snowboarder, who also used to dress as a clown. In a weird twist of fate, Shaun had cut his hand, after someone had tried to break into his house or some weird shit like that. Simon ended up boxing Mike Muir of Suicidal. He beat Mike on a decision. About 6 month later, we scheduled a boxing exhibition between Simon and Paul McFadden, the singer from the Long Beach punk band, All Day. Also on the card were two stripers from the local hang out and LBDA to finish the show. We held the fight at a venue with a mezzanine so people could stand around the ring or watch from above. The chick fight was everything you would expect it to be. A hot brunette vs. a hot blonde dressed in srh booty shorts and srh beaters with oversized gloves duking it out, with one girl ending up on top of the other, making out. So hot. The main event was what everyone wanted to see though. Simon, had trained quite a bit and it really showed as he was able to dance around and throw some good combos. Paul McFadden though, is a big guy and looked like a street brawler that could take a punch and as well as throw a punch. Despite taking multiple shots, Paul seemed unfazed and kept cornering Simon, forcing exchanges where Paul was able to rock Simon despite him keeping his guard up and countering with some good combos. All the guys from LBDA were along the mezzanine and routing Paul on, which I think fueled his relentless assault. During the 2nd or 3rd round, I forget, Simon finally threw in the towel. Despite his superior technique, it seemed Simon just couldn’t get away from Paul. Within 10 minutes, after both the guys, hugged it out and Paul was declared the winner, LBDA rocked the house. Good times.