SRH Strain Of The Week: JAY 1

What’s up, all my fellow Stoners Reeking Havoc?
Welcome to the first week of Strain Reviews by Hopper (IG: @hopper448)
Jay-1 by Hillside Pharms


Due to its impressive lineage of Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, the Jay-1 (aka J-1), has been a highly sought after strain since it first hit the scene. It has mostly light colored leaves, with the exception of a few emerald green hues, and a fluffy Sativa like structure dripping with blinging, diamond like trichromes. The Jay-1 is heavily aromatic, and will impress even the most jaded of smokers. It smells of fresh pine, lemon, and just the slightest hint of sweetness. Its flavor has an earthy sweetness, but most of all, it has an intense pine taste. It offers a clean, smooth, strong hit that is quickly followed by a cerebrally uplifting, energetic high. It is physically relaxing, but isn’t sedative, so you won’t be couch bound for hours. This Sativa dominant hybrid is an ideal daytime strain that produces a focused, yet still laid back high. It’s a great choice for a day at the beach, taking a hike, or whatever other activities you enjoy. For the artistic smoker, this strain is inspiring and will energize your thoughts and enhance your creativity.

Bonus Points: It comes in a dope collectible jar (collectible dope jar?) with artwork by the one and only TROG.

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Photo by: Ryan Anderson (@higherimages)