Party Phaverz are disposable glass pipes that come pre-loaded with
wax, caviar, and crumble; the perfect trifecta for an intense, great
tasting, user friendly high. It can be used to smoke, or to vaporize,
depending on where you light it.
The end you draw from is very thin, so
be careful that there are no sharp edges- sometimes a little breakage
happens in transport. The flavor, when vaped, is very sweet, clean, and
smooth. You can taste all three of the components, and they all
complement each other very well. When smoked, it also has a
refreshingly sweet and hashy flavor due to the caviar. It packs a
surprisingly hefty punch, considering it’s such a small vessel. You’ll get
dozens of good sized hits from one pipe, and these are also ideal for
those times you don’t have a dab rig or pipe handy. One thing I do want
to say about this product is, please be responsible when disposing. The
glass is fragile, and could easily harm someone if left on the ground. So
don’t be a kook and leave it in the sand where a kid could step on it.
Put it back in the tube it came in and throw it away. Overall, I dig the
uniqueness and ease of use of this new and innovative product. I
definitely recommend giving it a try.
Photo by: Ryan Anderson @HigherImages
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