Exclusive Interview With RISK About Artist-In-Residency With the Mayfair Hotel

Over the last two years, SRH founder Kevin Zinger has been working with friend/legendary artist RISK on the re-launch of the historic Mayfair Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Together, they curated an awesome collection of art throughout the property, with pieces from a long list of art legends, including Shepard Fairey, REVOK, Geoff Melville, Evidence, Van Styles, and Herbie Fletcher, just to name a few.

Ahead of its grand opening, we visited the hotel for a tour and a sit-down interview with RISK, who talks to us about the partnership, the history behind the Mayfair and more.

If you haven't yet, visit the Mayfair Hotel and check out all the art and details RISK, Zinger and REGIME 72 helped put together. For more info, visit the website at MayfairLA.com.

The Mayfair Hotel
1256 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90017