SRH Playlist of the List: Stoners Reeking Havoc

It’s #WeedWednesday, so here’s some tunes for your smoking sesh. The official STONERS REEKING HAVOC Spotify Playlist.

Here's some of the best smoking records ever. Some from the Suburban Noize catalog, and just some classics you can't deny. Stream it all at

Smoke Two Joints - Sublime
Hits From The Bong - Cypress Hill
Hot Box Anthem - Potluck
Stoner Chick - Space Kamp
Faded - Berner
West Coast Thang - Kali Connect
Burb Words - Johnny Richter
Twist Again (La La La) - Chris Webby
Roll Big - Potluck
Blaze With Us - Dizzy Wright
Wake-N-Bake - Potluck
Pass The Blunt - Demrick x Cali Cleve
High! - Space Kamp
20 Joints - Berner
Puff, Puff and Pass It - Potluck
I Wanna Get High - Cypress Hill
Hangovers With You - Big B
High Riders - Kingspade
High On Life - Johnny Richter
All I Need - Kali Connect
Fire - Potluck
Get High - Potluck
Remember The Summer - Johnny Richter
Drink More - Big B
Rest Of My Life - Kottonmouth Kings
Puff Pass - Johnny Richter
Smokin Good - Potluck
The Party - Mower
Smokin' Doja - Kingspade
4smokazonly - Potluck
Rolling Stoned -Adlib
Set It On Fire - OPM
Smoke The Pain Away - Potluck
Rebel Hippies (Light It Up) - Adlib
Spaded, Jaded & Faded - Kingspade
Wake N Bake - Kali Connect
Mary Jane - Potluck
I F*cked Up Again - Big B
Lemon Vs. Crack - Kingspade
OG Ganga Farmer - Potluck
Smoke Kush - Axe Murder Boyz
At It Again - Johnny Richter
Proud To Be A Stoner - Kottonmouth Kings
Roll Up - Dizzy Wright
Smoke Some Weed - Ice Cube
So High - Twiztid
Hooligan - Big B
Good Drugs - Berner
None Higher - Space Kamp
Xanax and Patron - Berner
Dr. Greenthumb - Cypress Hill
Strains - Potluck
420 Vibe - Dizzy Wright
Broccoli - Space Kamp
Daily Basis - Dizzy Wright
Rabbit Hole - Space Kamp
Cookie or Better - Dizzy Wright
Space Island - Demrick x Cali Cleve
Bank Job - Swollen Members
I Got 5 On It - Luniz